Thursday, June 12, 2014

A new addition

I have some fun new stuff going on, but I should probably catch some things up first.

I finished my mitts, and added buttons, which I thought were perfectly sized and super cute.  I had them on hand, figured I'd use what I had on hand instead of go to the store for new ones.

They have little gems in the center!

And of course one mitt came out bigger/smaller.  That always happens.

Here's a progress shot of sugarfrost.  It really isn't much further.  I love it and want to knit it but  nearly ALL of my knitting has been on my sister's wedding shawl.

Same goes for this, Syrah.  I'm a little further I think, somewhere in the middle of the third section, but again, haven't touched it.

Still no blocked winterwood.  In fact I also knit a Windward, no pics.  And I'm working on a sample Wheaten stole for my LYS, no pics either lol.  Also, I need to find my camera charger... because ALL of my other pictures are on my phone!

Lets see... I can steal some pictures I plurked:

This is the Wheaten for my LYS, I use it for travel knitting right now, this is the only other thing I'm actually knitting other than the wedding shawl.

As for the new addition, I bought a Husqvarna Viking Emerald 116 sewing machine.

I originally bought the E20 model.  Took it home, set it up, HATED it.  I felt like everything I tried to do was a struggle.  Normal sewing would tangle.  Reverse would randomly not reverse (might have been my issue because when I took it back to the store everything was fine) or again, tangle.  So I hauled it back and upgraded to this.  I had ONE tangle setting it up (I think I threaded it improperly or something the first time) but other than that it's been perfect.  I love how it sews, I love how easy it is to use, just the whole thing.

So after messing around with some scraps, I decided (more like I couldn't stand not having something to sew) to go back to Joanns and get some simple little dress patterns and fabric.  I saw in the add simplicity patterns were on sale for 1.99, so I looked on their website and picked out a few of the simpler looking little girl's dresses.  Went in and bought them, and enough fabric for 4 dresses.  

Now I've always messed around with sewing.  I've never really been taught, although I learned basic use of a machine because my mother has always had one.  I've always MEANT to learn.  I've never used a pattern, and the most ambitious thing I've done is learn how to make box bags for my knitting.  This was a whooooole nother animal.  The instructions were about as clear as mud, and when I first opened them up, I nearly gave up then and there until I could get help.  But I took it a step at a time, and in the end, I made a dress:



I learned how to gather (ruching), how to baste, how to add elastic, and how to efficiently rip out seams that were done wrong or accidentally stitched into the strap lol.  I'm proud and she loves it.  I feel SO much more confident in my abilities.  I will be making two more in this style, and a fourth dress from another pattern.

I have plans for lots of other things, including, a tote bag, dresses for ME, a cover for my spinning wheel (so I can leave it out without the cat chewing the drive bands in half, yes she's done it...), hopefully dresses for the older girl, and I'm thinking vests/ties for the boy child b/c he LOVES to dress up and those are his favorite.  I found this awesome tutorial on how to make an Infinity Dress and it's all I can do to not run out immediately for fabric... cuz it looks soooo easy.  And like something I'd wear nearly every day if I could.  And lastly, I have a bunch of stuff I can now fix, things with seams coming apart, or broken zippers.  I think this machine will be getting a LOT of use.  And that's exciting to me.

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  1. Very cool sewing machine! And your daughter is adorable!